Between the Lines

Between the Lines is a comprehensive print and audio course for pianists and keyboard players desiring to learn chords, voicings and contemporary rhythm styles.

If one or more of the following describes you...
• You’re a Classically-trained pianist who aspires to learn contemporary styles.
• You need to know what to play when you’re reading from a chord chart.
• You’re a piano teacher wishing to help your students learn contemporary styles.
• You’re a church musician in need of further skills in Praise and Worship.
• You’re a gigging musician desiring to expand your knowledge and technique.


If you’re comfortable with standard music notation, this course was written for you! There are 126 music notation examples that will take you from the basics through advanced chord harmony, covering all the rhythm styles you need to know, and all within your comfort zone.

The included audio CD has 49 tracks–over 74 minutes of play-along music. The charts to every track are printed in the course book and identified by track number. Use your reading skills to effortlessly gain the knowledge and master the techniques of contemporary music. Very soon, you’ll know how to read Between the Lines.

Purchase Between the Lines 176-page course book and CD for only $79.99. Flat $7.99 shipping, even when ordering multiple copie

"I love piano! Dean Slocum is an exceptional musician and I enjoy singing with his wonderful accompaniment. I have watched Dean work on his book, Between the Lines, as we have toured together. I know it will become a valuable asset for any keyboard player."

Crystal Gayle


Between The Lines, authored by Dean Slocum, will soon be considered the definitive study and illustration for any player wishing to become a consummate contemporary musician in any genre. Every single word and illustration is gloriously expressed, with the sole intent to skyrocket a keyboard player’s knowledge and playing capabilities far beyond the norm. This text will certainly be a staple in our performance library.”

Dr. Patrick Corn
Music Educator
Maizeone Music
Worship Leader/Pastor Smoky Mountain Cowboy Church


“Between the Lines is a great addition to other texts available on the topic. I especially found the last half to be very comprehensive and useful to my students at Belmont University. The thoroughness of Dean’s chord repository and the various examples of diverse styles are on the mark. The recordings on the CD are great examples of those styles.”

Bruce Dudley
Piano Faculty, Belmont University
Adjunct Professor, Vanderbilt University

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Click here to read the Table of Contents and part of Chapter One,
Chords of the Major Scale.

Click here to see 2- and 3-note jazz voicings from Chapter Six, Voicings: Sixth, Seventh, and Other Four-Note Chords.

Click here to see a sample of Chapter Nine, Rhythm and Performance Styles. It includes a complete and very contemporary arrangement of It Is Well with My Soul, and examples of Rock and Roll, contemporary ballad and Southern Gospel styles.

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