If you're an experienced musician with an understanding of music notation, you may benefit from coaching sessions focused on fine tuning your craft and developing new skills. Or learn how to use recording hardware and software in a casual but state-of-the-art keyboard recording room. All of the music you'll hear in the Music Library was recorded here.

The studio is centered around a Macintosh computer with Digital Performer, Logic Studio, Peak Pro and Finale notation software. There are plenty of high-end hardware and software synths and samplers, plus many of the best effects and mastering plug-ins available.

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Visit the School of Music and learn to play and write.
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Performance Hall with live engagements and booking office
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If you've already had traditional instruction and are ready to move up to the "next level"

 Curriculum especially designed for church pianists / keyboardists:

       • Contemporary and Traditional Christian piano / keyboard

       • How to play from a chord chart

       • How to add your own "improvements" while reading standard notation

       • How to improvise a more "pianistic" arrangement from your hymnal

       • How to improvise "meditative" music, such as during prayer

       • How to accompany a singer

       • How to improvise keyboard strings from a chord chart

       • How to improvise keyboard brass from a chord chart

       • How to play "second" or auxiliary keyboard (organ, electric piano, etc.)

       • The differences between playing solo, with a small group or with a large ensemble

       • How to MIDI sequence complete accompaniment tracks


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